The new DALI Light Controller DLR/S 8.16.1M

2010-08-05 - Flexible light control integrated into modern intelligent building control

The new ABB i-bus® KNX DALI Light Controller can be used for control of up to 64 DALI devices. The devices can be assigned to 1 of 16 possible light groups. Eight of the 16 light groups can individually and automatically control the brightness in the assigned rooms in conjunction with a Light Sensor, e.g. LF/U 2.1. Thus, an energy-saving constant light control can be easily and comfortably realized.

The 16 light groups are controlled via KNX telegrams. In addition to direct control, setting of up to 14 light scenes is possible, which can be recalled or stored via 8 bit or 1 bit scene telegrams. Furthermore, a staircase lighting function with a switch-off warning and basis brightness can be set, which can also be combined with constant light control, providing an additional operating efficiency dimension.

Information relating to a lamp and ballast fault is individually available for a light group or for a DALI device. Sending of DALI error messages via KNX telegrams can be inhibited. Operation with emergency lighting systems, which disconnect the DALI devices from the gateway during an emergency lighting test is possible.

Commissioning of the DALI Light Controller is implemented via a separate commissioning tool used on the one hand for assigning the connected devices to the light groups and on the other hand for setting the light control. The error state of the DALI devices is also displayed in this tool.

The new DALI Light Controller can make a considerable contribution to energy efficiency in buildings providing a highly economical energy saving solution with low amortisation time periods.

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    The new DALI Light Controller DLR/S 8.16.1M
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